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Crooked Arrows
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Tuesday, August 6, 2013 - 20:28
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Here’s a movie that’s absolutely worthless for anyone over the age of six. A Native American named Joe (Brandon Routh) works for a casino that wants to expand on tribal land. Eager to get the building permission sorted out for his boss, Joe has to convince his father, the traditionalist Tribal Chairman, that this is indeed a good idea. His father wants to give him the permission but not before Joe rediscovers his spirit by coaching the high school’s lacrosse team.

While I’m always game for a story that involves underdogs, this one is not worth watching. The mostly non-professional cast is content portraying stereotypes like the shy nerd, the tomboy or the star player with an ego and the story is predictable as fuck. You know the kind of movies where you can skip a scene and still know what’s going on afterwards? Well, Crooked Arrows is the kind of movie you can skip and still know what happens in it.