PREMIERE: Rust Ring releases video for 'Speedruns'
PREMIERE: Rust Ring releases video for 'Speedruns'
Thursday, June 13, 2019 - 20:15
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We are excited to premiere the music video for ‘Speedruns,’the single off Rust Ring’s first full length album, Genuine Me, which will be released on July 12th by Worry Records. You can PRE-ORDER HERE.

About the video: “Rust Ring is about melding the silly and the serious. The lyrics mix lines about video games and sitcoms with darker lines about depression, and the video puts pickles into a funeral setting. I think it’s the best of both worlds!”

Rust Ring is a three-piece Midwest band that incorporates elements of indie rock, post-hardcore, slow-core, and emo. The band has been active in Chicago for the past three years, and its members also play in various Chicago bands including Sincere Engineer, Droughts, Space Blood, and Lifted Bells.

Rust Ring was formed in Chicago in early 2016 and have relentlessly worked on releasing their first full length album, Genuine Me. Despite numerous physical ailments for members of the band they’ve release two EP’s with Worry Records, Finally // Blackout & Puddle Splash Live Sessions. From trigger finger, tinnitus, and even a detached retina this band has been through a hell of a time and Genuine Me features all the raw emotions that held this band together.


Upcoming shows

June 13 – Bells Eccentric Café • Kalamazoo, MI
June 15 – Vineyard Community Space • Rochester, NY
June 16 – The Nest • New York City, NY
June 17 – Slash Run • Washington, DC
June 18 – Gold Sounds • New York City, NY
June 23 – Teal Nebula • Chicago, IL