Smoke Or Fire
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Sunday, April 14, 2013 - 21:34

Number three in our series of Groezrock interviews... this one is with Joe from Smoke Or Fire!

PRT: What do you think the "Groez" in "Groezrock" stands for?
Joe: For us it's probably as like "we've been on tour for 5 weeks and our van smells pretty Groez".

PRT: One beer at Groezrock costs less than 2$. Good or bad and why?
Joe: That's great. Money is tight these days and people still need to stay hydrated at these festivals.

PRT: If Groezrock was the scenery for The Lord of the Rings, which character would you be and what would be your quest?
Joe: Um. Ok. I'd be that little short dude with the beard and my quest would be to get dwarf tossed off the stage and crowd surfed to the beer tent to claim some pints.

PRT: If people recognize you on the festival grounds, should they leave you alone or come up and give you a hug?
Joe: I'm a hugger. Give me hugs.

PRT: The Groezrock Head Honcho, Hans, is a whisky fan. What can you recommend him?
Joe: Can't go wrong with Jameson, but I've found Powers whiskey goes down really smoothly. I'd be happy to sample some with him.

PRT: Top 5 least favorite things at open air festivals?
Joe: The bathrooms, the bathrooms, the bathrooms, the bathrooms, and that kid on acid.

PRT: Top 5 most favorite things at open air festivals?
Joe: Playing for a huge crowd, beer tents, seeing a ton of friends in other bands that you haven't seen in a while, bikinis, and beer tents.

PRT: For the past couple of years, there's always been a big reunion show at Groezrock. Refused, Rocket from the Crypt, CIV... Which yet to reform band should we book?
Joe: The replacements. Please.

PRT: If you would have to do a guest appearance with one of the bands of this year’s line-up, which band would it be and during which song?
Joe: I would sing "ditch digger" with rocket from the crypt.

PRT: There was a Tupac-hologram at Coachella last year. Who'd you like to hologramify during your Groezrock-show?
Joe: I would have the muppets on stage with us the entire set.