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2 Broke Girls S01
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Wednesday, November 13, 2013 - 19:37

Max (Kat Dennings) is street-smart and comes from a blue-collar background, Caroline (Beth Behrs) is book-smart and a formerly rich Manhattan socialite. Both of them are broke. And they’re living together while working in a diner in order to save $250,000 to start a cupcake shop of their own. That’s pretty much the premise around which 2 Broke Girls is built.

At work, there’s a cook who leers at Caroline (just think of the jokes you can get from that!), a geriatric cashier (the possibilities are endless!) and Han Lee, the Asian owner who’s English is not that good (too.. many… original… jokes… possible… here). Simply put, this is another mediocre sitcom where the writers seem to have spent all their time collecting a couple of clueless characters (or is it caricatures?) rather than writing good material. Instead of being funny, they go for ‘edgy’ and that results in a lot of painfully unfunny jokes that are as stale as the food that gets served in the diner. There’s no room whatsoever for subtlety or refinement and while that doesn’t have to be a bad thing per se, it is here. Oh yeah, the girls have a horse in their backyard… how funny is that? Luckily there is a laugh track so that at least you know what when you’re supposed to smile.