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Wednesday, February 27, 2013 - 11:29
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The UK’s most violent prisoner ever got his own movie with “Bronson”, which came out originally in 2009 and is now being re-released. Centered around Michael Peterson (who later took the name Charles Bronson), this biopic tells the story of a petty criminal who grew into a seemingly raving lunatic while spending 34 years behind bars, most of those in solitary confinement. Not bad for a guy who was originally convicted to just seven years in prison.

Tom Hardy is great as Bronson with his shaved head and mustache. With nothing to do, Bronson likes to strip naked before taking on a couple of guards. We don’t get an explanation or a motif, just a whole lot of rage. This is not your typical prison movie though. It’s something you will soon find out when Bronson takes you on an episodic trip through his life while acting as the ringmaster before an audience in the theatre of his mind.

Tagged by some as a Clockwork Orange for the 21st century, “Bronson” is bound to become a cult classic