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Children Of The Corn : Genesis
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Monday, November 2, 2015 - 11:29
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A brief prologue takes us to Nebraska circa 1974, where a soldier comes home to find his entire family slaughtered by a bunch of kids. We then jump to the present and meet up with Tim and his girlfriend Allie, who is preggers. When their car breaks down, they end up knocking on the door of that once young soldier who has since grown old, moved to California and shacked up with a Ukrainian mail-order bride. Oh, I almost forgot… they also have a demonic child locked in a shed and he wants Allie’s unborn baby.

Other than a couple pieces of furniture that get tossed around the house and that old dude mumbling a lot, as if he’s trying to make sense of how he ended up in this movie, nothing really happens. And for a horror movie, things are decidedly un-scary.

It’s just a dreadful, dreadful movie really. The Children Of The Corn series has been running itself into the ground for a couple of years now, but have managed to reach a new low with chapter eight. Pretty much the scariest thing about it, is the open ending which suggests we’ll have to endure a ninth installment as well.