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The D Train
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Tuesday, February 23, 2016 - 15:14

In The D Train, Jack Black plays Dan Landsman, the type of man who appoints himself as chairman of the high school reunion committee. In his mind, Dan (who nicknamed himseld The D Train) is the man. But the reality is, that pretty much the only thing he has established, is being the kind of obnoxious prick people don’t want to be around. That point is drive home when Dan finds out the other members of the committee go out for drinks without inviting the D Train.

Then one night, Dan is watching TV and stumbles across a Banana Boat commercial, featuring former classmate Oliver Lawless (James Marsden). To Dan this is the answer. Surely everybody will RSVP once they find out a bona fide Hollywood celebrity will attend the party as well. And if Dan gets him to come, then surely he will be the big hero. Right?

So after making his boss believe he needs to go to LA to reel in a new potential client, Dan surprisingly hits it off with Oliver during a long and wild night. Oliver actually isn’t the successful actor Dan think he is, but he’s happy to indulge Dan. If only to fuel his own ego.

Telling you more would spoil the fun.  So let’s not. Both Black and Marsden nail it and co-writers Andrew Mogel and Jarrad Paul, who also serve as first time directors, do a solid job with an original take on the bromance comedy.