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Deadly Virtues
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Wednesday, December 3, 2014 - 19:38
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Deadly Virtues is about a not so fun weekend for a couple, Tom and Alison, who are already going through some problems of their own. Adding to the problems is a home invasion that sees the hubby being tied up in the bathtub while the wife gets to play house with their captor. It’s not as if the wife has much choice other than to obey because every time she says no, hubby loses a finger.

But over the course of the weekend sexual tension arises between her and her captor… and it’s there that things take a turn for the worse. Like two days is enough for some misplaced form of Stockholm syndrome. And things become even more unraveled towards the end.

It’s like director Ate De Jong couldn’t decide between a home invasion thriller, torture porn, a drama and an exploitation movie and decided to just throw it all in the mix. The result is something that lingers between You’re Next, Hostel and 50 Shades Of Grey.