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Devil’s Knot
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Friday, November 21, 2014 - 14:54
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Devil’s Knot tells the story of the West Memphis Three, the Arkansas teenagers tried in the early nineties for the murder of three young children in spite of an almost complete lack of evidence. It definitely makes for a compelling story. The biggest problem with this Atom Egoyan-directed movie however is that there’s nothing left to tell we didn’t already know from the very thorough Paradise Lost documentaries, which make for a way more compelling view than this movie.

It also looks like Egoyan didn’t really know where to start with way too much story to cram into one movie. As a result there’s a whole lot of Colin Firth looking all serious as a private investigator assisting the defense and a chubby Reese Witherspoon cries a lot as the mother of one of the victims and not a lot else.