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Fin (The End)
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Tuesday, August 6, 2013 - 20:24
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When a couple of high school buddies reunite at a remote cabin in the woods after not having seen each other for twenty years, you know things are going to get weird. And I’m not just talking socially awkward here. Old sexual tensions and guilty confessions are of course bound to come up at some point during the evening, but things don’t get seriously weird in this Spanish end-of-the-world type thriller until there’s a creepy light in the sky shortly after midnight.

In the morning they find out that one of the gang has gone missing and so the rest of them head off to the nearest village. On foot because their cars don’t work anymore. At first they still think that it’s an old buddy of theirs playing a prank on them but they slowly change their mind once they come across more deserted houses and cars. Then more of them start disappearing, apparently into thin air.

First-time feature director Jorge Torregrossa does a great job with this slick thriller. Beautifully shot, he keeps building up the tension without relying on much of the clichés that come with the genre. The story never slows down, the cast is solid and while the open ending may annoy some of the viewers, I thought it worked well.

I’m not sure why this movie didn’t get a higher score on IMDB but I sure enjoyed the hell out of this one!