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How To Stop Being A Loser
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Monday, March 25, 2013 - 21:43
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Here’s something to wax philosophical about… if a romcom is neither romantic nor funny, what is its point? That is what I kept asking myself while enduring “How To Stop Being A Loser”, a charmless comedy about a Star Quest playing geek who wants to turn himself into a new Don Juan with the help of a cheap pick-up coach. By the time he actually manages to pick up the girl he’s been lusting after he has managed to be found attractive by her (it still baffles me), he of course finds out she’s not the girl he wants and that it’s okay to be a geek and ends up with her instead. Oh shucks, I gave away the story now… well, that saved you a little over an hour and a half that you can now spend watching that will actually make you chuckle. Like that video of that talking cat on YouTube.