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Les Oubliées
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Sunday, May 31, 2015 - 10:29
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Les Oubliées (also known as Forgotten Girls) is a French mini-series consisting of six episodes. It tells the story of detective Christian Janvier (Jacques Gamblin) who has been obsessed for fifteen years with the disappearance of six teenage girls. None of them have ever been heard from since and no evidence was ever found other than the girls’ neatly ironed clothes which the kidnapper left behind on a park bench in every single instance.

When another girl goes missing after years of silence, Janvier, along with his new partner Olivier Ducourt (Aïssa Bussetta), is on the hunt again. One thing’s different this time around though… whoever’s responsible made a mistake and left some evidence behind.

During the investigation, we find out that the case has taken its toll on Janvier’s personal life as well as his mental health. He’s slowly losing his shit, suffers from the occasional blackout and finds himself somewhat estranged from his wife.

Les Oubliées is pretty good as far as mini-series go. There’s a lot of decent acting going on, plenty of suspense, a solid story and a nice gritty atmosphere. I only wish the director was a little less erratic with his camera work, which is all over the place and often left me with a slight feeling of seasickness. Seriously, it’s not that hard… just point the camera at something and keep it still.