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Love Hurts
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Tuesday, May 14, 2013 - 22:47
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Ben is a middle-aged doctor (Richard E. Grant) who seemingly has everything that life has to offer – a good job, a nice house and a beautiful wife called Amanda (Carrie-Anne Moss) – goes through life without really living it. His wife however isn’t having it any longer and moves out. With Amanda gone, Ben slips into a depression until his son Justin (Johnny Pacar) gives him a makeover and ends up making his dad the most eligible bachelor in town.

If you think the story sounds cheesy and ridiculous, wait until you see the movie. It’s not unwatchable and I’m pretty sure that somewhere deep inside there is an enjoyable rom-com to be found. Director Barra Grant however did not manage to find it and ends up with some cringeworthy scenes (Ben in a drunk stupor for one) and scenes that seem set up for a joke only to discard the idea before the punchline arrives.

If it’s on TV on a Sunday afternoon, you can leave it on if you want but “Love Hurts” is not exactly the kind of movie you want to hunt down on DVD.