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Saturday, February 18, 2017 - 11:45
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Following an ‘incident’ at an isolated lab, a risk management consultant (played by Kate Mara) working for a shady corporation is being sent in to evaluate the situation. The incident involves a humanoid being called Morgan (Anya Taylor-Joy), stabbing one of her creators in the eye. All this is explained in the first couple of minutes through surveillance footage and a handy, information-packed voice-over. In spite of the attack, all of the scientists at the facility still have a soft spot for Morgan, and it’s up to Mara to figure out whether or not keeping Morgan around is worth the risk.


Director Luke Scott (the youngest son of Ridley Scott) and writer Seth W. Owen are off to a reasonably good start here, but things soon grind to a halt when Mara reaches the lab. Pretty much all the scientists at the facility are as devoid of human emotions as Morgan and you end up watching a movie that feels cold and clinical and which leads up to a half-hearted finale that is about as thrilling to watch as a bake-off.


“What is Morgan?” was the movie’s marketing slogan. To answer that question: it’s just another sci-fi horror movie that warns us about messing around with artificial intelligence. It is also a waste of time of both the audience and the actors involved.