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Papa Ou Maman
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Monday, December 7, 2015 - 19:11
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Florence (Marina Fois) and Vincent (Laurent Lafitte) seem to have everything going for them. They have three kids, a nice house, good jobs. For all purposes, they seem like the perfect couple. Except for the fact that their children are spoiled rotten and that they are getting a divorce. We shouldn’t feel bad for them though, it’s an amicable split. Well, at first.

Because when daddy starts messing around with someone at work, things turn ugly. Especially with those promotions at work, for which they would both have to travel abroad. Vincent is being offered a humanitarian gig in Haiti, while Florence is promoted to head up a construction project in Denmark. Now, instead of agreeing to share custody, they leave it to their kids to decide whom they want to live with, doing everything in their power to make them pick the other parent. This starts out innocent enough, but it doesn’t take long for Vincent and Florence’s efforts to make their kids choose the other parent to turn deliciously mean.

What “Papa Ou Maman” lacks in credibility, it more than makes up for by providing us with plenty of laughs, solid acting and a brisk pace (the movie clock in at just 82 minutes).