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Seed 2 : The New Breed
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Saturday, August 30, 2014 - 22:32
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After a bachelorette party in Las Vegas, Christine and her friends climb in their RV and head home through the Nevada desert. Too bad for them though they stumble across serial killer Max Seed and this time he has brought his entire family.

At least, I think that’s supposed to be the story…this movie is so badly edited it’s hard to tell what is going on exactly. Honestly, there are so many things wrong with this movie I don’t really know where to begin. The story is all messed up for one with some completely random scenes that don’t make any sense and there are so many errors, it’s hard to believe it’s done by accident. Then the acting… and I use that word very loosely… let’s just say that these suicide girl rejects are so bad they wouldn’t even make into a porn movie.

Basically this movie is a collection of poorly shot torture sequences with a bunch of crap in between. Hell, apparently they didn’t even have the money for some decent end credits. We only get to see the name of the characters but not who played them. Then there is one final scene (hopefully not a teaser for another sequel) and then there is nothing but a black screen with some music playing.

I’m not entirely sure what the reasoning was behind making this movie but I think it’s fair to say we’ve just found Uwe Boll’s successor. His name is Marcel Walz and he wrote and directed this piece of shit. I’m sure his parents are very proud of him.