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Sex Tape
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Wednesday, December 3, 2014 - 20:27
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Jay (Jason Segel) and Annie (Cameron Diaz) are still very much in love but there’s no denying that ten years of marriage and two kids have taken their toll on the passion. So one night they decide to hit the tequila bottle hard before trying out every position in 70s manual The Joy Of Sex while filming themselves with their iPad. Seems like a good idea but that’s only until they find out the video has gone public through the cloud. Yeah, it’s the first in a series of far-fetched plot devices… apparently Jay buys so many iPads that he gives his old ones away to friends and family and through a new syncing app they all end up with the video on the iPad..  And so the couple sets out on one crazy night in order to reclaim a couple of iPads containing the video.

This movie would have been a lot better if it was actually funny but just like the nudity, there is an almost complete lack of laughs. Sure, Jack Black puts in a welcome guest appearance towards the end and Rob Lowe is pretty good as the toy company executive by day who turns into a coke-snorting metalhead by night. Unfortunately director Jake Kasdan (who also directed Segel and Diaz in “Bad Teacher”) drags out the gag for a couple of minutes too long while Segel himself is sleepwalking his way through the entire thing.

Whereas “Bad Teacher” was also a one-joke kinda movie, it still was a lot of fun. I wish the same thing could be said about “Sex Tape”. Instead we end up with something that looks like a 90-minute commercial for Apple. Just look at the video quality you get with that iPad! And see how easy it is to share a 3-hour long video with it! Just make sure you share the right video kids!