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Snow Sharks
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Thursday, August 28, 2014 - 18:18
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It’s Spring Break at Mammoth Mountain and teenagers are all over the place skiing, drinking and relaxing in hot tubs. Then people start disappearing al thanks to snow sharks, mythical creatures that possibly come from outer space. Or have to do with Native Americans. The movie is not entirely clear on that point. Of course, the resort management refuses to close the mountain because it’s bad for business, so it’s up to US Marine Wade, the mountain sheriff and their girlfriends to stop the monsters. Does that sound familiar? Well, I can tell you that a bigger boat is not the only thing that they would’ve needed to make this a better movie.

Snow Sharks comes with all the bad acting and cheesy jokes that Sharknado had… only here it’s not funny. Plus it’s kind of hard to tell what’s the most fake…the special effects or the boobs. Hell, if even a nobody like Brooke Hogan decided not to star in the movie then that pretty much says it all, no? If you think a snow shark could actually be a real thing, then you are part of this movie’s demographic. Everyone else should stay as far away as possible from this one and watch Sharknado again instead.