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Monday, October 12, 2015 - 21:16
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Meet Tomas and Ebba and their two children, Vera and Harry. They are on a ski holiday together, having a good time and enjoying themselves. While having lunch one day, an avalanche seems to be heading their way. Scary shit, right? Well, nothing happens in the end but just for a second panic unleashes and that second is enough for Tomas to run off without looking after his wife and children. When thing are safe again, he hurries back and pretends like nothing happened. His wife and kids however are not so fast to forgive and forget and things begin to deteriorate as their holiday continues.

Turist’s biggest strength is that director Ruben Östlund (Involuntary, Play) takes his time to explore the aftermath of an event that only lasted the blink of an eye and makes you think about the role of a man and how it is in our nature to save one’s own ass when the shit hits the fan. The ending might be a tad bit too predictable when Tomas gets a chance to redeem himself, but by then you’ve already seen a decent enough movie that makes you feel awkward one moment and laugh the next. When Östlund isn’t showing us beautiful shots of snowy mountains, that is.