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Saturday, March 28, 2015 - 15:14
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Following Red State, Tusk is Kevin Smith’s second attempt at a horror flick. And it’s another epic fail.

Tusk is about a douchebag who makes podcasts about people he perceives as losers. Like the kid he’s on his way to who cut off his own leg. When Wallace Bryton (Justin Long) arrives, he learns that the kid killed himself and that he came out all the way to fucking Manitoba for nothing. While drinking in a bar however, Bryton comes across an ad from an eccentric recluse that offers free lodging to anyone who will listen to his sailor stories. Bryton takes the bait and drives several hours to the man’s rural home.

Turns out the old man (Michael Parks) is not simply looking for someone he can bore with his stories, he wants to turn Bryton into a walrus. That’s right… a walrus. Go ahead, let the idea sink in for a minute. It sounds like something that could have been turned into a fun horror comedy. Unfortunately Smith doesn’t have anything to add to the basic premise of the movie and drags it out for way too long. I’m not sure how Johnny Depp ended up in this movie as an alcoholic Canadian cop on the trail of a serial killer, but even he can’t lift this movie to a higher level.