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Acid Tiger
Acid Tiger – Acid Tiger
Thursday, July 1, 2010 - 00:00
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Acid Tiger is an outfit out of Brooklyn, the place where all the hipster bands come to be discovered. These guys are different though. No jangly indierock here with a vocalist that does his best to sound intense and bored at the same time. On top of that Acid Tiger is quite different from what you expect to hear on an album released by Deathwish as well. So now that you know what they don’t sound like, let’s talk a little about what they do sound like.

These guys (featuring Converge’s Ben Koller on drums) sound like hardcore dudes with a love of psychedelic music playing rock jams with some of that Southern flair. That pretty much sums it up and it’s what you get to hear on all seven songs. It’s both the album’s strength and its biggest flaw. Granted, these guys know what they’re doing with fingers flying all over the fretboard while the bass is laying down a thick groove and the production job by Kurt Ballou didn’t hurt things either. But more often than not I found myself skipping ahead to the next song pretty fast because of parts that should’ve been left on the cutting floor. The drum solo in “Big Beat”would’ve been a very obvious choice. That shit is lame even during a live concert!