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Is The Enemy
Arkangel – Is The Enemy
Wednesday, September 17, 2008 - 00:00
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After four years of silence (even though that is relative when it comes to Arkangel), one of the first Belgian metalcore bands is back with a new album. “Arkangel Is The Enemy” is filled with the kind of brutal stuff that these guys have become known for over the years and I have to say it’s a step forward again compared to “Hope You Die By Overdoes”. Even though the artwork is pretty frigging ugly.

They once again start things off in a high gear and never look back except for the occasional melodic part. This is one big trip back to the metalcore sound of the mid 90s with Slayer riffs, plenty of double bass drum action and of course Baldur’s insane voice. If you like your metalcore dark and sinister, then Arkangel will do the trick just fine!