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Attila - CHAOS
Saturday, November 5, 2016 - 11:41
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I figured I would give Attila’s new album, “CHAOS” (all caps!), a fair shot. But seriously… have you seen that album cover?


Pretty much all I know about Attila is that they seem to be one of the most hated bands around. Now, hate is a strong word, but the nu metal blast that is opening track “Ignite” is pretty friggin’ bad. There’s a whole lot going on here, but none of it is any good. There are riffs that sound like Mudvayne leftovers, a NWOBHM-like guitar solo and an annoying keyboard melody that they probably lifted off an early 90ies hip hop song. All this comes alongside rapping, cookie monster vocals and for a couple of seconds, the kind of vocals you usually associate with movies about possessed people. Oh, the song deals with their haters. Which they want you to know they don’t care about. Except that they wrote a song about it. And another one in the form of “Public Apology”.


The rest of “CHAOS” is equally terrible. There are ‘fucks’ and ‘bitches’ being thrown around left and right, every single nu metal band is being recycled and there are absolutely zero fucks given about writing a halfway decent song. Remember the band (hed)p.e.? Throw in some deathcore and you’ve got “Obsession”. And then there’s a song called “Moshpit”, which can be best described as the deformed offspring of EDM and a song that even Insane Clown Posse wouldn’t dare release.


The nicest thing I can say about “CHAOS” is that the album title pretty much covers the load. I could get rude about it, but that seems to be more their thing.