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Maybe I'll Move
Butterscotch Stanley Maybe I'll Move Punk Rock Theory
Tuesday, January 1, 2019 - 12:34
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- by Tom Dumarey

Meet Butterscotch Stanley. This Long Island band features guitarist/vocalist Jeremy Forman, bassist Mike Nigro and drummer Adam Forman and between the three of them they share a mutual love for pastrami sandwiches and rocking hard. You’ll have to take my word for the pastrami sandwiches but you can easily check out the rocking hard part for yourself by listening to their latest album, ‘Maybe I’ll Move’.

Think of a more amped up version of 90s bands like the Lemonheads and Teenage Fanclub with some punk energy and classic rock licks to boot. Or picture a moodier Fountains Of Wayne. Hell, there are even a couple of moments where they sound like what I imagine J Mascis to sound like if he were to ever wake up from the daze he always seems to be in.

It might not be extremely original, but these guys obviously have a lot of fun writing and recording their songs. And it shows. Like when they add some 60ies pop sounds to ‘Going To Your Head’ just for the hell of it. The album cover might look like they spent all of two minutes on it, but the songs that make up ‘Maybe I’ll Move’ are solidly crafted and show that Butterscotch Stanley know exactly what they are doing.


Track listing:

  1. Maybe I'll Move
  2. I Hate New York    
  3. I Don't Wanna Belong To Anything    
  4. Another Winded Thing    
  5. If There Was A Place To Start    
  6. Hope    
  7. Going To Your Head    
  8. Mate For Life    
  9. I'm Not Easy Going    
  10. I Owe It All To My Cowardice    
  11. Let's Talk About It    
  12. Apologetic    
  13. Rachel    
  14. There Will Be A Day