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The Diseased And The Poisoned
Carnifex – The Diseased And The Poisoned
Wednesday, January 14, 2009 - 00:00
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Yay, deathcore! With titles like “In Coalesce With Filth And Pain” or “Aortic Dissection”, you know you’re not gonna get any ballads during which you can snuggle against your girl. Well, she calls it snuggling, you call it feeling her up. Does anyone at all actually still use the word snuggling? I kinda like it. Unlike Carnifex’ new album which I think sucks. Blastbeats, death meets black metal, grunts, shrieks, breakdowns galore so you can still call it hardcore and just a whole mess of bad, crappy music in general that not once triggers anything even remotely close to excitement. I hear a frontal lobotomy works wonders in cases where people want to like this kinda music. Judging from what I hear on “The Diseased And The Poisoned”, it already did for the band.