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Go Crazy! Throw Fireworks!
The Casting Out – Go Crazy! Throw Fireworks!
Friday, July 17, 2009 - 00:00
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According to Nathan Gray, he started this band because it is fun. And listening to “Go Crazy! Throw Fireworks!”, you can clearly hear these guys having a good time. This time around Gray checks his political beliefs at the door and unlike BoySetsFire’s output, this is more straightforward punkrock instead of the hardcore he used to play with his previous band. And I have to say that it works wonders for them.

Gray’s characteristic voice is still very impressive as are the catchy melodies that already found their way onto BSF’s last two albums more and more. “The Ebbing Of The Tide”, “These Alterations”, “Quixote’s Last Ride”… this album is simply filled with solid songs from beginning to end and come courtesy of one of the funniest guys in the scene. I’m a fan and I’m sure all of you will follow once you get to hear “Go Crazy! Throw Fireworks!”.