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Daphne Loves Derby - On The Strength Of All Convinced
Daphne Loves Derby - On The Strength Of All Convinced
Sunday, October 26, 2008 - 00:00
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Here's what I wrote about this album when it first came out on Outlook Music in 2005:
I could say that a band whose songs are downloaded by more than 2,300,000 people without a label pushing them can't be a bad band. Cuz how can 2,300,000 people be wrong? But if I said that then I would sound a little too much like an infomercial.

So lemme put it this way...Daphne got together with Derby around three years ago in the state of Washington. They've been loving each other ever since and decided to write songs about it. The songs ended up sounding like Copeland meets Death Cab meets older Jimmy Eat World. In other words... "On The Strength Of All Convinced" is good mellow emopop and the production job by Casey Bates (who just worked with Gatsby's American Dream on their amazing album "Volcano") didn't hurt either.