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Deaf Radio - Alarm
Friday, March 3, 2017 - 15:16
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When you think of Greece, lots of things will come to mind. But most likely, stoner rock isn’t one of them. But lookie here… Deaf Radio is a band from Athens that recently released a 9-song album called “Alarm” and it bleeds pure stoner rock. And it’s pretty damn good.

These songs come with enough groove and solid riffs to bring down the Acropolis and are as energetic as they are melodic. Plus these guys have the sexy swagger of Queens of the Stone Age down pat. I mean, seriously… I might like opening track “Aggravation”, “Killers & Vultures” and “Trapped” more than souvlaki!


Track listing:

  1. Aggravation
  2. Backseats
  3. Vultures & Killers
  4. Anytime
  5. Flowerhead
  6. Revolving Doors
  7. Trapped
  8. Oceanic Feeling
  9. ... And We Just Pressed The Alarm Button