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Pray For Them
Do Or Die – Pray For Them
Monday, May 12, 2008 - 00:00
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It took the guys in Do Or Die three years to come up with a new album but they’re back now with “Pray For Them”. And guess what? They still sound as pissed off as before. Right from the get go they burst out in some metalcore mayhem with “Proved Wrong” and they keep on going right up until the re-recorded versions of “Do Or Die” and “Bella Famiglia” with guest vocals from none other than Jamey Jasta and Roger Miret. These Belgian dudes play a kind of metalcore that’s competent enough and it does the trick just fine. But there are hardly any surprises. And that’s kinda both the strength and the biggest flaw of Do Or Die at the same time. They just keep on going with what they do best but I was kinda hoping for a little something more on album number four.