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Expect The Worst
The Dopamines – Expect The Worst
Wednesday, September 1, 2010 - 00:00
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Whipping out a ton of whoa’s, singalong choruses and melodic hooks over a foundation of fast-paced drums and distorted guitars never fails to grab my attention when executed properly. And properly executed is what The Dopamines do best.

All you need are good punkrock songs, passion, energy and a sense of humor doesn’t hurt either. It all sounds simple enough yet so many bands fail at getting these things right. These guys on the other hand have all of the above and what makes me like them even more is their own description: "We're a punk band from Cincinnati, Ohio. We don't have cool hair cuts". Amen to that! If poppy punkrock is what you’re looking for, then get high on The Dopamines.