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Dufresne – AM:PM
Tuesday, June 1, 2010 - 00:00
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From the little information that I could scrape up on these guys, I figured out that this is an Italian band who just released a very powerful and catchy album called “AM : PM”. While it is weird that it’s not easy to dig up some info on Dufresne, it’s even weirder that you can’t find out more about them seeing as they released a kickass album that’s full of energy and hooks.

With songs written in both English and Italian, Nicola, Matteo, Luca, Davide and Alessandro have plenty of variety on sale even in the lyrical department. Other than that they excel at creating a full sound with nice riffs, a tight rhythm section and a keyboard that for once doesn’t feel like a gimmick but rather helps lift the songs to the next level. Add a singer who knows how to use his vocal pipes (and who is helped out on one song by Comeback Kid’s Andrew Neufeld) and you’re looking at a very solid post/melodic hardcore album with rock tendencies that can easily compete with the best the American scene has to offer.