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Ellen and the Degenerates - Herb Alert
Saturday, September 23, 2017 - 18:57
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Besides having one of the best band names around, Ellen and the Degenerates also have the uncanny ability to write punk rock songs that are as catchy and melodic as they are aggressive. Not only do they pull this off on each of the five songs that make up “Herb Alert”, they manage to do it without hardly ever reaching the two-minute mark.


“Herb Alert” is just a helluva lot of fun to listen to. Even if it’s over way too fast. Are you a fan of dancing, singing along, Fest and of just having a good time with your friends at basement shows? Get ready to swoon over this one.


Track listing:

  1. Ellen 2020
  2. Smoochy
  3. My House
  4. Fair To Me
  5. Milk