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Wasted Youth
For The Fallen Dreams - Wasted Youth
Saturday, October 13, 2012 - 01:08
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I think something went wrong with the pressing of this album. It’s as if they put the same song on here thirteen times. Oh no wait… my bad, I think they are actually supposed to pass as different songs!

For The Fallen Dreams is another one of those bands who like to string breakdowns together before throwing in a pop-punkish chorus with clean vocals. It works better though if you write actual songs and add a little diversity. Most of the choruses here sound exactly alike and I’m pretty sure they’ve been recovered from Linkin Park’s leftover bin. After a hundred other bands already rummaged through them.

This album in one word: unnecessary. You want two words? Uncalled for. In three words? Complete and utter crap. Oh, that’s four.