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Live At The Greek Theatre
Flogging Molly – Live At The Greek Theatre
Tuesday, May 11, 2010 - 00:00
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While their albums have always been solid in their own right, there’s simply no denying that Flogging Molly is first and foremost a live band. Which means that “Live At The Greek Theatre” is a must for all the fans and a good way to get to know these guys for people who have never checked them out before. The band takes you on a journey through all of their releases so far, there’s room for onstage banter and they even throw in a couple of acoustic songs

“Live at the Greek Theatre” was recorded September 12 2009 at the legendary Greek Theatre in Los Angeles. The DVD covers the entire 90+ minutes set shot with 8 high definition cameras and audio was mixed by Ryan Hewitt, who co-produced the band’s recent release “Float”. The DVD also includes all the music videos and a pre-show interview.

Once you look past the incredibly ugly blue backdrop in the first couple of songs and concentrate on the band’s performance instead, you’ll have no problem being sucked in. It looks and sounds great and it took me right back to all the times I’ve experienced this band’s live act firsthand!