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There Will Be No Miracles Here
Frontier(s) – There Will Be No Miracles Here
Wednesday, September 1, 2010 - 00:00
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As it turns out Frontier(s) is not only the name of one of the best French horror movies I have ever seen, it’s also the name of former Elliott frontman Chris Higdon’s new project. If you are familiar with that band’s output, “There Will Be No Miracles Here” will hold little surprises for you. That’s not saying this is no good album. Quite the contrary actually.

Take some loud and distorted guitars, place them over driving rhythms and then proceed by adding Higdon’s soaring vocals in the mix. Don’t forget to leave some room for effective hooks and crescendos that are strewn freely throughout the album and you’ve got yourself another great post-hardcore album on your hands.