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We’re Fucked
galactic cannibal we're fucked album cover
Wednesday, September 11, 2013 - 20:30
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Galactic Cannibal doesn’t like to waste any time and storms out the gates with “Hate Everything More”, a barnburner that will have everybody at their shows joining in when the line "Goddamn, raise your fucking fist, what you waiting for?" comes around. After that there’s no slowing down and for 23 minutes these guys get as in your face as is humanly possible. Subtlety is a word that is simply not to be found in Galactic Cannibal’s vocabulary.

While the vocals are gruff as fuck and on the hardcore side of things, the music itself is highly effective punkrock and provides a counterpoint to the hardcore elements. Think of Dillinger Four suffering from roid rage and you’ve pretty much got the picture.