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Generation 84 - Let's Do This 10"
Wednesday, June 3, 2015 - 22:44
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Bigger stronger faster… No I’m not referring to that dumb sport movie from 2008 or about a new hamburger from Maccie D’s. I’m talking about the latest 10” by Generation 84 called ‘Let’s Do This’.

Five hard hitting, fuck-politic songs that will surely get you moving are what you’ll get when you buy this album. In comparison to their previous album ‘Regardless Of What Is Right’ these songs tend to sound a bit more aggressive and straight to the point.

Singer Teun’s voice is one you’ll recognize anywhere. He combines raw screams with intense melodic parts. He hits high notes with an incredible ease and that is, I think, a big part of Generation 84’s strength.

Fast guitars, rollin’ drum parts and a singer who’s got a story to tell… To me, that’s all I could wish for in a great punk rocking album.

So, if you’re in any way doubting about buying this motherf*cker, just say to yourself: “Let’s do this!”

 My favorite: The Backfire Effect