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Good Old War
Good Old War – Good Old War
Tuesday, June 1, 2010 - 00:00
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Good Old War is a trio from Philadelphia that peddles the kind of sweet and soft indie folk-rock that is doing so well these days with the likes of bands such as Fleet Foxes. Not that they’re simply jumping on the bandwagon here. On their self-titled album they prove to be way more than just a mere copycat looking to cash in on the hype. Their acoustic compositions and vocal harmonies are simply too good to dismiss them like that.

Even though they ooze potential, these guys still lack some hooks to make the songs truly memorable. That’s not saying that songs like “Making My Life”, “That’s Some Dream” ( the spirit of Simon & Garfunkel is especially strong in this one) or “While I’m Away” aren’t utterly enjoyable though. It’s songs like that that make “Good Old War” a good album, but one that leaves some room for improvement on future releases.