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You Will Never Be Happy
Hemingway - You Will Never Be Happy
Thursday, July 20, 2017 - 19:45
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“Meanwhile”, the opening track of “You Will Never Be Happy”, comes with the line ‘I’ll sleep on the floor for the rest of the night / Then I’ll leave you alone for the rest of your life’. Yes, Hemingway’s sophomoric release is a breakup album, one that eases its way into your life ever so gently with a softly strummed clean guitar and hesitant drums. Kinda like “Deja Entendu” era Brand New on Xanax. In a good way. The song then slowly picks up momentum towards the end to prepare you for the punchier “Still Nothing”, which comes in strong with loud guitars and solid melodies.


From there on, the band keeps you guessing. There is the grunge-y “Delusional”, the heavy-on –the-drums-and-easy-on-the-ears “Sure” and the blast of energy that is “Feelings Change”. Whatever route they choose to travel on the cathartic “You Will Never Be Happy”, the result is always worth your time.


Track listing:

  1. Meanwhile
  2. Still Nothing
  3. Delusional
  4. I'm Not The One For You
  5. Pouring In
  6. Sure
  7. It's Love
  8. Feelings Change
  9. Always Blue
  10. Loneliness Wins