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I Am Heresy
Friday, May 31, 2013 - 17:59
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When BoySetsFire vocalist Nathan Gray walked in on his son playing guitar, it led to ideas which led to demos which led to I Am Heresy’s self-titled album. Staying with the family theme, I Am Heresy’s line-up is rounded out by Jonah Latshaw (son of BoySetsFire guitarist Joshua) and brothers Jay and Crumbs Konieko. And a guy called Gregg Kautz but he’s not related to anyone in the band apparently.

While you’ll hear plenty of echoes of (early) BoySetsFire, I Am Heresy is its own beast and comes with echoes of metallic hardcore giants Integrity and Converge. It’s in your face, chaotic and wonderfully messy but they’ll just as well throw in more melodic parts. There’s definitely a lot of different ideas floating around on this album, which wreaks havoc on the cohesion but it will nevertheless rip you a new asshole.