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Midnight Boom
The Kills – Midnight Boom
Saturday, July 19, 2008 - 00:00
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When Alison Mosshart (formerly of Discount) and Jamie Hince (formerly of Blyth Power and Scarfo) teamed up, they probably didn’t expect The Kills to get as big as they did when they released “Your Mean Side” back in ’03. Overcome by their success they made the mistake of releasing pretty much the same album (only slightly less good) in ’05 under the moniker “No Wow”. Which brings us to today where people were anxiously awaiting album number three. Would they repeat themselves again or make some changes?

Well, on “Midnight Boom” they made some changes while keeping all of the trademark Kills ingredients. Their two voices, the dry guitar and the oh so essential drum computer are still present and accounted for but Spank Rock producer Armani XXXchange threw in some funky beats and lots of synth parts that make things way more dynamic and – dare I say – catchy. Goodbye Velvet Underground, hello Blondie! I don’t mind at all and I’m pretty sure the triphop-esque “U.R.A. Fever”, the gloomy “Black Ballon”, the raging “Sour Cherry” will please all the indie hipsters in their leather jackets.