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Ladytron Ladytron Punk Rock Theory
Sunday, February 10, 2019 - 12:22
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- by Nate Hennon

Ladytron is not a band I would seek out on my own. But being married to a former LA scene kid, I knew my wife would have opinions about Ladytron. Well, that time in her life was apparently a little too fun because she could not give me many specifics. So one night after we put the kids to bed, we popped open a bottle of liquor and gave Ladytron's new self-titled album a spin.

For all intents and purposes, Ladytron releasing new music in nearly a decade is not the story one should emphasize. Yes, the time between albums is significant, but only enjoyable if the music is widely different. The core of the Ladytron story is that their newest music sounds like their old music, but now the world is ready to listen. Based on my limited knowledge and what I learned from the wife, there is a Ladytron sound, but more importantly, there is a Ladytron vibe. There is a manfactured groove that goes beyond synthesizers and electronic music, the music is poppy yet layered.

The music of Ladytron is best described as how a person in the 80s envisioned music sounding like in the 2000s; ethereal and airy. Something that a robot would put on during a futuristic party. Much like a drink or a good book, "Ladytron" is an album you want to get back to listening. The songs, and vibe, of the album, stick with you and kind of spin in the back of your head until you can give it a little more of your attention.


Track listing:

  1. Until The Fire    
  2. The Island    
  3. Tower of Glass    
  4. Far From Home    
  5. Paper Highways    
  6. The Animals    
  7. Run    
  8. Deadzone    
  9. Figurine    
  10. You've Changed    
  11. Horrorscope    
  12. The Mountain    
  13. Tomorrow is Another Day