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The Second Arrow
LAPêCHE - The Second Arrow
Monday, September 18, 2017 - 11:14
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Brooklyn-based band LAPêCHE recently released their debut full-length via Bakery Outlet Records. “The Second Arrow” comes with ten songs that owe a lot to 90’s alternative music while the band also isn’t afraid to smuggle in some old school indie flair and shoegaze textures over vocalist Krista Holly Diem’s melodies, which are soothing and somewhat dark at the same time.


Produced by none other than J. Robbins, “The Second Arrow” is all kinds of rich and warm and allows every band member to shine. Guitarist Drew DeMaio has come up with a sound that is mesmerizing, rocking and thoughtful all at once while drummer Jefferson Gensterblum and bassist Dave Diem dish out rhythms that are intricate without overcomplicating things.


Fans of Rainer Maria, Belly, Waxahatchee or even a less depressing version of Cranberries will probably want to give this one a listen.


Track listing:

  1. Breaking Parts
  2. Stone
  3. Don't Forget
  4. Queen and Sister
  5. Too Brave
  6. Feign University
  7. Grade 5
  8. Within the Structure
  9. Trench Coat
  10. Space Between