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Opposite Side Of The World
Louis Schefano – Opposite Side Of The World
Wednesday, February 22, 2017 - 15:43
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After having been the drummer for everyone from Remy Zero and Little Red Rocket which featured Maria Taylor and Orenda Fink and turned into Azure Ray) to Verbena and even Sarah Mclachlan, Louis Schefano figured it was about time to step up. Literally. And so he got from behind his trusty drum kit to take a turn behind the mic. That led to the man’s debut full-length, “Opposite Side Of The World”, out now on Flower Moon Records, which is Maria Taylor’s own label.


I found it extremely hard to listen to Schefano and not think of Nada Surf’s Matthew Caws. Musically as well, there are parts here and there that are likely to make you think of Nada Surf. And The Shins. And sixties pop songs. If you like good melodies, an easy-going sound and unassuming vocals, you are in for a treat here. Because whether Schefano gets dark like on “Dark”, pulls out his poppiest moves on “Come To Think” or goes all demure Death Cab in “After All”, the result is always there.


Track listing:

  1. Can't Remember That
  2. Burned
  3. Come to Think
  4. Our Love Won't Fly
  5. Song for Anthony
  6. After All
  7. Opposite Side of the World
  8. Mistakes Were Made
  9. Nature Song
  10. Sail on Little Child