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Sewn Together
Meat Puppets – Sewn Together
Friday, July 17, 2009 - 00:00
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I seriously got into music when bands like Pearl Jam, Peppers, Alice In Chains and Nirvana started exploding. What can I say… I’m a kid of the 90s! So of course I saw Nirvana’s Unplugged performance. Devoured is actually more like it. And like so many others, that’s how I learned about the Meat Puppets. Three of their songs found their way into that legendary performance (“Plateau”, “Oh Me” and “Lake Of Fire”) and actually were some of the highlights. After that the band around the Kirkwood brothers released their most successful album with “Too High To Die”, words they more than lived up to during the next couple of years. They have been back together since 2006 and “Sewn Together” is the name of their latest musical exploit.

“Rotten Shame” is probably the closest they get to the old days but it’s by far not the best cut on here. “Sapphire” is a dark song that has somewhat of an orchestral feel to it while “I’m Not You”, “Clone” and “Smoke” are just a couple of the songs on here where the band mixes rock and country with great results. What’s that? Oh yeah, cow punk is what they like to call it. Whatever. I’m digging it!