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God Is I
Merauder – God Is I
Friday, July 17, 2009 - 00:00
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When Merauder dropped “Master Killer” back in ’96, they were right at the forefront of the metalcore movement. Now that that style has watered down to something it was never supposed to be, these NYC stalwarts are back to show the young ones exactly how it’s supposed to be done.

It’s good to hear these guys play songs again that are the equivalent of shooting first and asking questions later. Armed with tons of groove, Jorge Rosado’s brutal voice and riffs that are chunkier than your favorite peanut butter, they will have no problem melting your face off. Especially when they throw in one of those Slayer-esque solos. Holy shit! For Merauder it’s easy… metalcore means metal and hardcore. They stick to that formula with a fervor and thrash their way successfully throughout all of “God Is I”, an album that will pummel your ass into oblivion.