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No Friends
No Friends – No Friends
Wednesday, November 4, 2009 - 00:00
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No Friends is a new project by Tony of Municipal Waste along with ‘three hot dudes from New Mexican Disaster Squad, Gatorface and Virgins. The result is one hell of an album that could’ve very well been recorded two decades ago by Black Flag if they had the melodic sensibilities of say, Dag Nasty.

Amazing how a band that plays the kind of hardcore that was cool years ago can sound fresher than anything new that’s coming out. Guess that’s saying a lot about the quality of music these days, right?

Not that these guys simply ape what those guys did back in the day. They simply took the energy that those bands had and cut it up into twelve lines that go up the nostril and then proceed by blowing your mind. If these guys had been around in 1932 when Jerry Siegel started drawing comics, the world would’ve never even heard of kryptonite. No Friends is the stuff that would kill Superman.