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The Number Twelve Looks Like You – Worse Than Alone
Thursday, April 16, 2009 - 00:00
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“Worse Than Alone” is New Jersey’s The Number Twelve Looks Like You’s fourth album but only the first I’ve had the pleasure of hearing. They are one of those bands whose name I kept hearing and reading about but that I had never quite listend to before.

While drifting with ease from the mathcore of Dillinger Escape Plan to atmospheric soundscapes in under 30 seconds, it’s quickly established that “Worse Than Alone” is not the easiest album on the planet to listen to. Add the fact that TNTLLY is not a band that shies away from an experimental part here and there and you’ll know that this is quite a challenge. Fans of Mr. Bungle and other Mike Patton projects can already start drewling. The same goes for indierockers though because just when you think that you can’t take any more madness, in comes TNTLLY with a beautiful melody while still rocking out.

Diversity is the key here with chaos as the common denominator… even vocally speaking. Jesse Korman and Justin Pedrick do a great job of shrieking, screaming, grunting, yelling and singing the songs together and even throw in a couple of spoken word parts.

There is so much going on on “Worse Than Alone” that it’s hard to contain it all in a couple of lines. It’s a great album for those of you who aren’t afraid to really dig into an album. If it’s melodic background noise you want, please look elsewhere.