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Pigs – Wronger
Wednesday, September 30, 2015 - 21:12
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Holy crap, these guys almost lost me before the album even really started. That first song on their new album “Wronger”? Not so good. It’s like this NYC-based band wants you to work before you get your reward. But then the groovy “The Life In Pink” starts off with big riffs, a rhythm section that is locked in place and dirty vocals courtesy of Dave Curran (who you might know as the bassist for Unsane) and all is forgiven. Yup, this is noise rock. And it’s noisy. And it rocks.

Up next is “Bet It All On Black”, which starts off as a nasty hardcore tune before turning into a full-fledged sludge-fest after the midway point. From there on Pigs stick with the heavy, but never lose sight of the fact that songs benefit from hooks. And wait, is that a banjo I hear on “Mouth Dump”? Why yes, it is. And it sounds pretty damn good there.

With “Wronger”, Pigs have delivered a solid album that shows there’s even beauty to be found in the dirt.