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The Woods Of Heaven
Pleasure Leftists – The Woods Of Heaven
Thursday, September 10, 2015 - 18:29
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The last couple of years post-punk has been making a comeback. There’s plenty of bands out there trying to breathe new life into the genre and Cleveland’s Pleasure Leftists is one of them. Some of them do it well, others… well, not so much.

On their debut full-length “The Woods Of Heaven”, this outfit cranks out some brooding, dark rock tunes that channel bands like The Cure, Killing Joke and Modern English. Musically, this is satisfying on all accounts. Unfortunately I am not digging Haley Morris’ husky wails. Sure, they’re the right kind of smokey but she sounds the same in every single song and has a tendency to stretch out her words, turning ‘help’ into ‘he-he-help’. It also doesn’t help things that halfway through the album, the band seems to have run out of ideas and starts recycling.